Thursday, January 18, 2018

Life Lately

The beginning of January I celebrated my 38th birthday and woke up to some fun gifts from the family

But my favorites were the sweet cards my girls made me.  Kayla's was sarcastic and funny, just like her,

While Brooklyn's was sweet and thoughtful just like her.

On the back she had taped a $20 bill and wrote that "I thought we could buy matching clothes!"
If that's not the sweetest thing ever.  I gave her back her $20 and told her we could look for some but that mommy would pay for it.

Later that morning hubby and I left for a little overnight getaway that included some wine tasting and a delicious sushi dinner.   I had a great time and enjoyed my birthday so much!

How pretty was this view from our room!

We ended my birthday with some chocolate cake, wine and a pretty view of the full moon together.

 For Christmas the girls received these Empower posters from my sister in law and I loved seeing the words they chose to describe themselves!!

Kayla chose to make her poster exactly like the directions stated with the strips separating the colors in each section

while Brooklyn did it her own way because she liked it better that way!  I love watching the girls craft and seeing how they choose to make things because it shows so much into their personalities.

It has not felt much like Winter at all here in Southern California and I've been kinda bummed about it but we actually had two days with rain a bit ago and the girls were pumped to use their umbrellas.

Since we haven't received rain in what feels like atleast a year or so everything flooded pretty quick.

including our yard on both sides of the house

 I got to unclog the drain while their was a break in the rain.

While we were at Kayla's orthodontist appointment this month we got to enjoy some wildlife up close.  Don't worry we were inside while they roamed around.  Aren't they the cutest though?  The girls loved seeing them!

The regular season of soccer might be over this weekend and now Brooklyn is sad that she will not be playing select and I'm gonna miss watching them both compete with each other while at practice.   Kayla was playing goalie for Brooklyn's team at her practice and Brooklyn was scoring lots of goals on her big sister.  They were having such a great time!

Well that's what we've been up to so far.  This month has been pretty chill except for soccer practices and games but its been really nice after the busyness of the holidays!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had such a great three day weekend.   Friday morning I helped out in Brooklyn's class as usual and I helped the kids type up their sweet Valentines day poems they wrote for their parents.

After school Kayla went to a friends house while Brooklyn and I headed to the library to pick up a few books from her favorite series.

The girls both had soccer games Saturday and Sunday so Saturday after their games we headed to lunch with my parents and then home for a relaxing evening at home.   I read in the living room for atleast an hour while the girls played video games in the room next to me.  

Their favorite game right now is Little Big Planet which makes them giggle and crack up.  I love listening to them have so much fun together.

When I walked out to the family room I saw this.
Our cat is the most spoiled cat ever especially lately.

Sunday mornings games were at 8am and about 20 minutes away but we were ready!!

Once again livin' the dream

Kayla and one of her teammates had asked for a sleepover awhile ago and I figured Sunday night was the best time to do it.   This was Kayla's first friend to ever sleepover and they had sooooo much fun!   There was a little hiccup in the middle of the night with Kayla waking us up complaining that she couldn't sleep but after a bit of thinking I figured out it was because I had a small lamp on in the kitchen that was probably keeping her up.  Problem was solved and all was good after.

Their night consisted of chinese food, watching Alice Through the Looking Glass, video games, fooseball, soccer in the backyeard, playing monkey in the middle with Brooklyn and building a fort in the family room where they spent most of their time hanging out.  Her mom told me that she said it was the best sleepover she had ever been to. Mission accomplished.

I bet the homemade donuts helped with that decision!

When she left Monday morning she invited Kayla to come swim at their community pool with some other girls for a little bit.   They all know each other from soccer and had fun being crazy together.  The pool was FREEZING and it was only about 69 degrees out but they all took turns jumping in and then warming up in the jacuzzi after.   

We love a good three day weekend and yay to only 4 days of school this week and then we'll be ready for the weekend again!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ten on Ten

It's Wednesday which means we've made it through half of the first week back to school!!  The girls have a three day weekend so we are super excited to make it through the next two days quickly.

It's been cold the last few days and we actually got some rain on Monday and Tuesday.  The fire has been on a lot and the girls have been looking cozy in their Winter gear.

The flu and strep throat has been going around like CRAZY in our town and pretty much everywhere so I'm hoping all of the spinach and fruit smoothies I make for us will keep us healthy and it will pass by our family!!  We've also been eating a lot of soups with extra veggies added in.
Fingers Crossed!

Laundry and some Real Housewives this morning before I showered to go grocery shopping.

I think everyone waited to go grocery shopping today since it wasn't raining.  Happy I made it out and then got home to find out I forgot to buy cheese!  
Story of my life.

When it's cold that means Starbucks and it looks like I forgot to throw away yesterdays chai.  I bet hubby is reading this really annoyed because he loves a neat and tidy car ;)

Back at home I threw all the ingredients in the crock pot for chicken tortilla soup.   Brooklyn has practice tonight so coming home to some warm soup will be perfect!

Hoping to read more books this year and I'm already loving my first choice.   It's a definite page turner and makes the pick up wait a lot better!

Back home Kayla played on her tablet and Brooklyn did her homework 

Brooklyn is ready for practice!
Kayla and I sat in the car and read where it was a lot warmer than being outside. 

We came home after practice, ate dinner and everyone got ready for bed so we can do it all over again tomorrow.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter Break

Winter break has officially ended and it was a good one.  We spent sooooo much time just being at home which was perfect because there was time for lego building, game playing, movie watching and lots of relaxing!

We managed to go out for a soccer game that the girls got tickets for on Christmas from us.  They were really excited and we all had a lot of fun!

Brooklyn decided she would read while she waited for the game to start.

A cute Christmas gift was hung in our backyard

Beauty and the Beast movie time

Adorable matching outfits with your doll

off to celebrate my mother in laws birthday with family


the daddy's feeding their babies ;)


kitty playtime

We all went to see The Greatest Showman which we loved, it was so good!

more game playing

and then we decided maybe one day we should go for a long walk because basically all we have done is eat!

We stopped for a race because Kayla who is the slowest/laziest bike rider ever has forever said that although she is a horrible bike rider she could beat Brooklyn in a running race so we of course made her prove it

She won, which we were a little bummed about because we were really hoping we could taunt her about losing but we can't because she won fair and square!

A little bit of crafting to start off the new year!

Brooklyn has loved her make up kit she got for Christmas although I've had to explain to her a few times that some of it is to only wear around the house.  She has put the bright pink eye shadow on a few times when we have needed to go places and it's very sparkly as well.

croissant french toast to enjoy one of our last mornings of Winter break

Vinnie's Winter break never ends!

a yummy dinner 

and dessert for Sunday

Sunday night shenanigans before bedtime

Their first day back and its cold and raining!
It was so hard to get out of bed this morning and get back to the routine but it's almost time to pick them up and only 4 more days to go, right!