Thursday, November 16, 2017


Tuesday night Kayla's soccer team played the in the championship game and won first place!!! 
Let's start out with saying that her team was second to last place for just about the entire season and then when the Winter Tournament came around they just kept on winning.  Kayla played goalie for most of the season and the last two games of the tournament she played goalie all four quarters and both of those games also ended in shootouts which is pretty stressful for a goalie!   To say she rocked it is an understatement!   I'm so proud of her and all her hard work this season she is such an amazing player which makes it so fun for us to watch on the sidelines.  

Here she is above getting a little pep talk by her coach before hopping into goal for the shootouts.   Her coach is the same coach she had last year and is amazing.  If it wasn't for him making her try goalie a few times she would've never known her talents.   She never wanted to try out for goalie but he insisted that all the players try each position to get a feel for how the game is played and to find their strengths.   Well thank goodness he made her because that is where she enjoys playing the most. 
Below are a few videos of her making the winning kick in the shootout and also her blocking the last kick as the goalie from the opposing team!

 I wish I got the picture of her team running out to her after the game, her coach picked her up and then the team all squished her in a big 'ole hug.  She said she had happy tears in her eyes because she was so excited.

While Kayla was winning the game Brooklyn was also winning her game and scored 3 goals at her game so we went out to lunch and the girls had ice cream to celebrate.

Tuesday night was the championship game and Kayla was ready supporting her team for the day while at school.

Here the girls are walking out onto the field to play the team that was first place all season long and lost one game in the tournament to us earlier on.

 This game was 0 - 0 until the third quarter when the opposing team got a penalty kick because of a hand ball on one of our players.  Kayla jumped as high as she could as goalie to block it but just couldn't reach it.   In the last quarter we tied it up and it was 1 - 1 and the game had to go into overtime with two five minute quarters.  After it was still tied after that we went into shoot outs.

Even in shoot outs the teams just kept tying the game up.  Eventually we ended up getting a goal and they didn't so we won but it was a very intense game!  Below is Kayla's kick when it was her turn for the shootout. 

The Daredevils running out to each other and so excited to win the championship!!

 They got their first place medals and we all took lots of pictures!

Their team will go on now to sectionals and then hopefully area.

Kayla could possibly be playing on two teams if the Daredevils go on because we got the call today that she made Spring Select as well.   She doesn't know that she made it yet though because her coach wants to surprise all of the girls with a little get together hopefully in the next week.   I'm so excited for her and know she's going to have so much fun over the next couple of months!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Sunday afternoon Brooklyn's soccer team battled it out for their Winter Tournament but ended the day with their second loss putting them in 3rd place for the tournament.   The girls were exhausted and tired after playing two games with no subs and a player short on the field.   They ran their butts off doing their best and we were so proud of them!

Brooklyn was one one of the youngest players in her age bracket being that most of the girls are third and fourth graders and she is only a second grader.   She improved soooooo much this season.  She practiced three times a week just about every week.  Practicing with her own team and then practicing with Kayla's team twice a week as well!  She has so much heart and loves the game.   She was nominated for Spring Select just like her big sister but decided she wanted a break which is completely fine.  I personally agreed with her decision because I don't want her to get burned out and she is just learning how to truly play the game.  I know next year she will dominate the field and I can't wait to watch her out there!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Our Weekend

This past weekend was one of our favorites!!!
It started out with soccer tryouts for Kayla.  She's been nominated for the Spring Select team for the past three years and hasn't really wanted to do it.  It's a huge commitment, she'll be playing until June if she makes it and we will have to travel a little.   We even were not very thrilled with the idea in the past but this year we noticed how much more serious she has been about playing so we decided that if she wanted to commit to it this time around we would let her give it a shot.   She did good at tryouts but there were so many girls trying out that it was a bit hard to watch and truly know.  She said she felt good about it though and that it is all that matters.  We will not even find out if she made it for another two weeks or so.

While she was running around trying out, I was freezing on the sidelines trying to keep warm!

Friday nights almost always involve a family movie night, pizza or take out.   The girls had stayed after school for a movie and ate hot dogs there so they weren't very hungry for dinner at home.   We picked them up the tiny servings of their favorite entree from Panda Express just in case they wanted a bit more to eat.

We watched Walt Before Mickey which was okay, not too exciting but a little interesting.  

I love looking over on the couches and seeing the entire family snuggled under blankets enjoying a movie together!

There weren't any soccer games this weekend which meant hubby and I got to sleep in.  The girls however had been up for a few hours each writing stories.  Brooklyn read me some of hers as soon as I walked out into the kitchen.

I decided to bake donuts for breakfast since we had all the time in the world.

The girls brought out their toys and played all day

I decided to drop in and take a look at a few antique shops I hadn't been to in awhile.  I didn't find anything but it was nice to look around for a bit.

Back home to rest before making dinner.

The girls were still in their pajamas playing.

We had comfort food all weekend.  Saturday night I made mac n cheese and Sunday we had Cheese and Corn Chowder.

Sunday was the same as Saturday. 
No where to be and everyone in their pajamas, there was football and Hallmark Christmas movies on the tv most of the day.   By Monday morning we all agreed that it felt like we had just had a long vacation and were getting ready to go back to school.   It was so nice having the weekend free to recharge and relax.  Our next few weekends are full of soccer and then it will be Thanksgiving and the holiday rush will soon be here.  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017

The week is just about over and I haven't even blogged our Halloween pics.  I've been busy putting all the decorations away and going through kids closets in hopes to make room and get ready for a certain favorite holiday that is coming up but first things first it's time to share our Halloween.

The girls were all ready for school wearing their Halloween shirts and Kayla grabbed a bat ring she had.


I spent most of the day making a meal and dessert to take to our close friends.  They unfortunately lost a family member over the weekend and we wanted to help anyway we could.  So after I made that I came back home and got the table set for our Halloween dinner.

I picked up the girls and when we came back home there was a treat waiting by the front door for them

Their Noni and Papa Buzz left some treats for the them and they enjoyed opening their gifts.

Both of the girls had a great time at school.  Both of their classes did fun projects and they brought home some cute stuff.   Brooklyn made her hand and learned about her bones.

While Kayla created her own monster and wrote a cute story

We weren't having the family over but I still set up some of the games that I normally do so they could play and entertain themselves while I got started on dinner.

Our pumpkins were barely hanging on!
Kayla's was already mushy and by the end of the night it was disgusting.  I don't know why they didn't last as long as usual this year.

I put the Thriller video on for them to watch.  They both get a kick out of that video.

When I asked everyone what they wanted me to make on Halloween they all agreed that they wanted my homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.   I've always made it for Halloween and I think I always will.

Hubby got home just in time for dinner and look we both match!   We were both wearing the exact same flannel without even planning it.

After dinner the girls changed into their costumes and were ready for me to take pictures

We waited until it got completely dark and we let daddy watch some of the World Series before we went trick or treating.

The girls were perfectly happy because they love handing out candy to all of the trick or treaters

Eventually we left to trick or treat and it was cold compared to normal.  Halloween has always been HOT but last year and this year it has been much cooler which I love because it just feels like Fall to me.  Brooklyn was freezing though so I eventually gave her my jacket and then she was better. 

We were out for maybe an hour and they agreed they were done.   We were home by 7:15 and they spent their time sorting through candy, eating some, handing out more candy and then watching some Halloween shows before heading to bed.

I think handing out candy to the trick or treaters is their favorite thing.  They were so sad when they had to go to bed because they didn't want to miss anyone coming to the door but we had already stopped getting kids and it was almost 9 o clock.  They were so tired Wednesday morning but thankfully we have a weekend free of soccer so there will be plenty of time to rest!